Mission Statements

We create an environment, not a building.
We approach the construction of our buildings comprehensively, always with careful consideration of their surroundings, management and users to ensure harmonious integration of all.

We build to last.
We deliver responsible and efficient projects. What matters most to us is top quality, long-term effects and durability.

The building is only the hardware; we also deliver the software.
”We Care” is the philosophy that best conveys the deep and lasting commitment of our company to the projects we develop. Through our comprehensive real estate and operational management services, we look after our buildings also after their completion.

We care for our partners.
Real estate development requires large-scale teamwork. Partnership and mutual respect for all stakeholders — investors, suppliers, managers, staff and tenants — are the pillar of Liebrecht & wooD activities.

Centrum Praskie Koneser: the most frequently awarded mixed-use investment in Poland