60% of Flanders Business Park C rented out

The Liebrecht & wooD Group has recently commissioned the third building of the Flanders Business Park complex located in the south-east of Warsaw. The number of tenants in the office building is growing rapidly. Later this year, one of the organisational units of the Warsaw City Hall and companies from the logistics and programming industry will move into the building. At present, 60% of the building has been rented out. The entire complex is also undergoing a green metamorphosis.


Flanders Business Park offers comfortable office space for companies that appreciate a location in the vicinity of the capital’s key communication hubs, good architecture and flexible spatial design. The complex consists of three 5-storey buildings with a total leasable area of ​​22,000 sqm. Tenants can use over 460 parking spaces, an internal conference centre and a restaurant. Soon, they will also be able to use numerous external green chillout zones.


The newest building - Flanders Business Park C - has over 7,400 sqm of office space, designed in accordance with the ecological BREEAM certification system. The first tenant of the new building is an international company from the logistics industry, whose offices will occupy over 766 sqm. A global producer and supplier of business software has also signed a lease agreement for over 1000 sqm, and recently, an office of the Warsaw City Hall has also joined the list of building C tenants, and leased as many as 2,585 sqm.


Flanders Business Park C is very popular. Nearly 60% of the building has already been leased. We are currently in talks that will soon lead to the full rental of the facility. This is a good example of a well-thought-out strategy - the building has appeared on the Warsaw office market at a perfect time, when the demand for modern office space in Warsaw is still growing, says Robert Pastuszka, Associate Director at Nuvalu Polska.


In recent months, the office park has been undergoing intensive modernisation works, to be completed by the end of the year. Also, the Flanders Business Park. Naturally campaign was initiated, which will include electronic waste collections and thematic exhibitions.

We would like Flanders Business Park to be able to gain new features adapted to the changing expectations of our tenants. When designing office buildings today, we devote a lot of attention to solutions that increase employee comfort. Therefore, within the complex we are creating new relaxation zones, a green patio in building C, and a spacious garden of Flanders Lunch & Coffee. The complex will include elements of small architecture and additional greenery. All modernization works will be completed in 2019, says Magdalena Bartkiewicz-Podoba, General Manager at Liebrecht & wooD in Poland.


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