Hot spring at Liebrecht & wooD, new projects in Russia and Romania

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The Liebrecht & wooD Group and its FASHION HOUSE Group dynamically develop the concept of outlet centers on the Russian and Romanian after introducing the concept on the Polish market. This year, the Group will put into operation a new outlet center in St. Petersburg in Russia and will start construction of a second outlet center in Romania, which will be present on the market in 2020.

FASHION HOUSE Group, part of the Liebrecht & wooD Group, is a leading player in the outlet centers sector in Europe and the largest developer and operator of such projects in Central and Eastern Europe and Russia. The company can show a significant achievements in creating the outlet sector in these markets. The completed portfolio of FASHION HOUSE Group projects includes 5 outlet centers in Poland, Romania and Russia with a total area of ​​100,000 sq m.


Saint Petersburg with the first outlet of FASHION HOUSE, 60% of the area leased for half a year before opening.

The FASHION HOUSE group in Russia has been present for over 6 years when the first fully roofed outlet center in Moscow, FASHION HOUSE Outlet Center Moscow, has been opened. Just after 3 years of operation, the center was extended by the second phase, thus confirming the commercial success and very strong position of the Group in the field of outlet centers. Based on their experience, the Group decided to implement a new project in the western part of the country. The construction of the outlet center in St. Petersburg began in October 2018 and cost €52 million. The center is being built in the dynamically developing southern part of the city, 15 minutes by car from the Pulkovo airport and the Gorelovo railway station. FASHION HOUSE Outlet Center St. Petersburg will cover over 5 million customers. The project with 20,330 sq m of the lease area will offer its clients 120 stores of the world’s largest and local brands available all year round for 30%-70% less than original prices. The opening of the center is planned for the fourth quarter of 2019.

"The investment is a response to the needs of the inhabitants of St. Petersburg. FASHION HOUSE Outlet Center St. Petersburg is a place with very big potential, which has a chance to become a significant place on the commercial map of the city. Our project will be distinguished by an excellent mix of tenants, unique architecture and the fact that it will be the first fully roofed outlet center in the city that will allow our customers comfortable shopping throughout the year regardless of the weather. "- says Patrick Van Den Bossche, Managing Director Member of the Management Board of the Liebrecht & wooD Group.

The retail and service area of ​​Fashion House St. Petersburg has already been rented in 60 percent. Outlet will include such brands as Lacoste, Puma, Adidas, Reebok, Tom Tailor, Trussardi, Kanzler, Guess, US Polo and Ralf Ringer. In total, the center will offer 120 stores. The investor also provided a large and convenient parking for 1050 cars.

The architecture of the building will refer to the style of the Benelux countries paying tribute to the unions between St. Petersburg and Amsterdam and other cities of the Netherlands and Belgium. FASHION HOUSE St. Petersburg will be fully enclosed scheme, which is a key in ensuring outstanding customer experience despite the weather conditions.


FASHION HOUSE Outlet Village Cernica in Bucharest, the construction will start in the second half 2019.

The Liebrecht & wooD Group, present on the Romanian market for 13 years, is starting construction of a second outlet center in Romania this year. The opening of FASHION HOUSE Outlet Center Bucharest in 2008 was not only the first outlet project in Romania, but above all the introduction of a completely new concept of placing an outlet center within a larger retail park, which turned out to be a great success. Continuing its development on the dynamically developing market, the Group decided to build the second outlet center in the east part of the city.

Construction of FASHION HOUSE Outlet Village Cernica will begin in the second half of the year with planned completion date for 2020. The Center will offer 12,590 sq m. lease area, 62 stores, children's playroom, restaurant zone and 320 parking spaces. The outlet will be built in the eastern part of Bucharest, close to the A2 highway, which is an access road to the Black Sea. In summer, the highway becomes one of the most-frequented roads in Romania. The range of the outlet will cover 3.5 million customers. Both outlet centers of the FASHION HOUSE group reach 100% of the Bucharest population.

Project with an open-air gallery, introducing a new design featuring Bucharest’s Belle Époque architecture with narrow and bohemian streets for customers to enjoy shopping and natural sunlight. The project will have two development stages. In the first stage, Group will deliver 41 stores and the second phase will offer another 21 stores.


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Eight new tenants with more than 1000 sqm at FASHION HOUSE Outlet Centre Moscow