Koneser - a restored Warsaw gem

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Following a thorough revitalisation process carried out under the strict supervision of the conservator-restorer, Koneser has been restored to its former glory. The joint investment of the Liebrecht &wooD Group and BBI Development envisaged bringing the former Warsaw Vodka Distillery back to life and giving it back to Warsaw. A multifunctional lifestyle centre, the first of its kind in Poland, was established on an area spanning 5 ha in Warsaw’s Old Praga, which is famous for its inimitable atmosphere and has been named one of the most interesting and must-see European districts. The heart of the investment is Koneser Square, open to the public, which will be solemnly given back to the city of Warsaw on 29 September 2018.  

Centrum Praskie Koneser is a joint investment of the Liebrecht & wooD Group and BBI Development. The splendour of the former Warsaw Vodka Distillery was retained in the historic factory buildings and it blends harmoniously with the new buildings, inspired by the post-industrial developments. Together, they create one of the most unique sites in Warsaw: a place where people live, work, meet and spend their spare time. The project, covering an area of 88,000 sqm, is an example of multifunctional architecture integrating nine different functions on a single space, as it accommodates office space, restaurants, event space, as well as a rich offering for tourists, educational opportunities, hotels, apartments and leisure space.

‘The revitalisation of Koneser is a long-term process aimed at bringing the place back to life. Today, it is a genuine place that draws inspiration from the Praga District’s heritage and perfectly responds to the latest trends in urban development. Koneser is an open space integrated with its closest surroundings, constantly adjusting itself to the needs of people who live and come there. We are giving a genuine piece of the city back to the people,’ says Magdalena Bartkiewicz-Podoba, General Manager at Liebrecht & wooD Poland.

In the commercial part of the investment, the first building to be revitalised was the Kordegarda (Eng. Guardhouse), facing the Ząbkowska street. It was the first home of Campus Warsaw (the first initiative by Google in the CEE region aimed at helping start-ups) in the years 2015-2017. Today, Campus Warsaw is located in the restored building, which used to be a spirits warehouse. Koneser also boasts being home to the first ever Polish Vodka Museum, and the first in Warsaw Moxy hotel (by Marriott International) will be opened on site at the turn of 2018 and 2019.

 On the last weekend of September, during the first Warsaw Koneser Festival, Koneser Square (4,000 sqm) will be solemnly given back to the people of Warsaw and the city itself. The square is the venue of special cultural events, fairs and other outdoor events.

Koneser is in many respects an impressive project. It showcases the rich history of the site; it blends well into the unique ambience of Warsaw’s Old Praga, and, last but not least, the scale of the revitalisation is truly unique. We are convinced that our investment contributes to a permanent change of the landscape of right-bank Warsaw,’ comments Michał Skotnicki, President of the Management Board at BBI Development. 

Koneser offers a total area of 8,500 sqm that can serve as the venue of special events. The Koneser Square, open to the public, the Laboratorium 2400 (2,400 sqm) and Butelkownia (2,100 sqm) event spaces, and the retail passage will all be the venue of concerts, fairs, exhibitions, performances, outdoor events, business events and other events addressed to the people of Warsaw, tourists, businesses and their guests.

Thirty percent out of the 21,800 sqm retail space is dedicated to atmospheric restaurants, bars and cafés (ZONI, WuWu bistro, Pijalnia Czekolady E. Wedel, Bar ¾, Ferment Praski, Frankie’s, ORZO, 24-hour restaurant and club concept by Grupa Warszawa, Bombaj Masala, Azia Restaurants and more).

Koneser also offers a unique shopping space which is home to stores by young fashion and home decor brands with a diverse offering at different pricing levels. The stores of the following brands will be opened on the last weekend of September: Prysznic Modowy Marioli Turbiarz, So Chick So Freak, Targi Rzeczy Ładnych, s:HEirt, ONE No.1 Varsovie, Muscat, Mydlarnia Cztery Szpaki, POLISH DESIGN, I Love Grain and Freeshion.

Moreover, the retail space also houses the Damiana Medical Center, the Zdrofit Fitness Club (to be opened this November), as well as numerous stores and service outlets including Biedronka, Inmedio, Świat Książki, Lagoon Laundry or ING Bank (to be opened soon). A store offering selected spirits and alcoholic beverages was opened at the Polish Vodka Museum in June. The Paper Concept store offering a wide selection of craft accessories will also be opened soon in the retail space. 

The office space available at the Koneser (25,500 sqm) is almost fully leased out by such companies as Atende, Clico, Energy Solution, LINK, RK Legal or Waberer’s Polska. The WPP group companies, the world leader in marketing communication (Ogilvy Group and Kantar Polska), are an important tenant.

The brains behind the urban plan of Koneser is the renowned Warsaw-based architectural firm Juvenes - Projekt. Koneser served as inspiration for the unprecedented revitalisation of the district. Works styled after the highest standards that have been set by the investors of Centrum Praskie Koneser for years are currently underway in its vicinity.


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