Praga Koneser: the culinary phenomenon of the capital

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For a family brunch, a business dinner, a romantic drink and good time until the morning hours... In terms of diversity and quality of food and entertainment, Centrum Praskie Koneser has no competition in Warsaw today. On the former site of a vodka factory, in the increasingly trendy Warsaw district of Praga, a real culinary centre was created. Outstanding restaurateurs were invited to establish Koneser's gastronomic zone. They create outstanding concepts on the market, thanks to which this space meets the requirements of the most demanding Connoisseurs of Taste.

Centrum Praskie Koneser, located on the site of a 19th-century vodka factory, brought historic buildings back to life in the autumn of last year, creating a new, increasingly stronger cultural heartbeat of Warsaw. At the same time, Varsovians learned that thanks to the developed public transport, Koneser is closer than it may seem, literally a stone's throw from the surrounding districts or the city centre, which you can reach quickly and without traffic jams by metro or tram. Centrum Praskie Koneser is unique in terms of entertainment, museums, shopping and, above all, dining. Every month the gastronomic offer expands, thanks to the collaboration with passionate people who have found here a place for business and for making their dreams come true.

Warsaw’s Praga district has great potential, and Koneser is a city within a city, says Magdalena Bartkiewicz-Podoba, General Manager at Liebrecht & wooD in Poland. People like to come here. This is the place where business and art coexist. This place has an unusual atmosphere, which attracts seekers of unique, special and magnetic places, she adds.

This unique atmosphere of Koneser is created by numerous meeting places at the table, such as restaurants, cafes, and bars, created by Liebrecht & wooD group, which manages the facility, as a response to the needs of the city’s residents, as well as tourists from around the world.

The restaurant concepts in Koneser, although very different, have one thing in common - they stand out in their segment and offer quality and diversity, making this place one of the most unique and interesting spaces in the city and even the country, says Daniel Pawełek, one of the most renowned restaurateurs in Poland, the owner of Koneser Grill by Butchery & Wine.

I was the first to believe in Koneser's potential. I was amazed by its architecture and history, which together create a unique story and atmosphere, both for the city an on a national scale. Today, while Koneser is growing in strength, and Zoni continues to attract more guests, we clearly feel that the culinary space of this place is created by people like us - enthusiasts of architecture, art, hospitality and excellent food. Our guests are exactly the same, they are connoisseurs of taste, says Mirosław Nizio, interior designer, co-creator and co-owner of the Zoni restaurant,.


The culinary centre of the capital is shifting to Praga

These days, Centrum Praskie Koneser offers one of the richest dining experiences in Praga, and one of the most interesting in the entire city.

Carefully selected and diverse eateries gathered in one place create a coherent, but very rich culinary whole, which caters to the daily needs of the connoisseurs of taste. Here, they will find ethnic, vegetarian, and Polish cuisine, fine dining, comfort food, barbecue and numerous bars, in line with the origins of the place as befits a former revitalised vodka factory. It all adds up to a unique place created for people who love rituals, traditions and history.

There are currently 15 atmospheric restaurants, cafes and bars, and there will ultimately be 20 of them. In detail, Koneser's culinary offer includes: 250 dishes, 1000 seats, 10 bars with a total length of 60 metres, 30 bartenders, 10,000 glasses, 500 strong spirits, 250 vodka labels, 200 wine labels, and 40 types of aromatic coffees. 

Connoisseurs of taste can start their day with breakfast with some vegetarian specialties at ORZO, where they will find healthy food, comfort and rest from the hustle and bustle (literally - there are plants that purify the air). Modern simplicity and slow life served in the form of juices, cocktails and salads also await guests at Frankie’s.

What’s for lunch? How about a trip down memory lane for same tastes of childhood at WuWu - a bistro, whose interior and casual atmosphere attract lovers of Polish dishes and drinks. For Polish cuisine with an international flair and to experience the local climate of the Praga district head to Ferment Praski. For those curious about world cuisine there are Mexican specialties at Papa Diego or gourmet hot dogs at Van Dog. Google Campus café can also be a great meeting place for professionals, while Columbus Coffee offers guests a chance to relax, a homely atmosphere and homemade products. Chocolate lovers will enjoy the amazing tastes of the E. Wedel Chocolate House, where sweets, desserts and pralines have been continuously created with passion since 1851.

You can start your evening at Zoni, recognised both for its culinary offer and architecture. Ideal and cheerful cuisine combined with hospitality and much renowned, also internationally, industrial interior design will satisfy even the most demanding customers. Dishes cooked on live fire are a specialty of Koneser Grill by Butchery & Wine. As soon as you enter you are enveloped by the  smell of wood, grilled meat and the sound of special wines being poured into glasses. This is a place where you can appreciate exceptional culinary experiences. Lovers of exotic food will enjoy Mumbai Masala – offering Indian tapas and other oriental specialties in a modern version.


Those who like to spend quality time trying interesting drinks will appreciate the vibrant Moxy Hotel Bar. The 3/4 Bar inside the Polish Vodka Museum provides a space to relax with a drink surrounded by the aroma of cigar smoke and an interestingly designed interior, reflecting the productive past of the place, which takes you back to the interwar period. The fun continues throughout the night at the iconic renovated Syreni Śpiew. Its 4 levels, 4 bars, 3 stages, a magic garden, and a brick oven producing great dishes guarantee a fun time 7 days a week. 

But that’s not all. More venues are set to open soon at Centrum Praskie Koneser, including La Fabrica Tapas Bar and Azia Restaurants - a three-floor, spacious, uniquely designed restaurant serving oriental dishes from the Far East. There are also plans for a winery Odkupienie Win, as well asa restaurant created especially for families with young children with a special menu and a well-equipped children’s play area.

Thanks to its rich and diverse offer, Koneser is the ideal place for everyday private and business meetings, as well as dining with family and friends. Koneser can be reached by metro, tram, bus, bicycle, or electric scooter. Convenient access by car from anywhere in Warsaw and a huge parking lot with nominal parking fees are another reason why this modern culinary and social epicentre of the capital is worth visiting. For details on the culinary and entertainment offer of Centrum Praskie Koneser go to www.koneser.eu.


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Centrum Praskie Koneser: the most frequently awarded mixed-use investment in Poland