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Koneser: a tourist attraction of Warsaw

Centrum Praskie Koneser, developed by the Liebrecht & wooD Group and BBI Development S.A. in Warsaw’s Praga district, has prepared a comprehensive offer for tourists from Poland and abroad. At Koneser, you can benefit from a wide range of cultural events, taste unique dishes and drinks in...

Biedronka in Koneser already open!

On July 26 a new Biedronka store was opened at 9 Koneser Square in Warsaw. The facility is located in Centrum Praskie Koneser - a mixed-use complex created at the former Warsaw Vodka Distillery. This prestigious location successfully combines tradition with modernity. The Biedronka store in Koneser...

The Polish Vodka Museum opens on 12th June!

It’s already the next Tuesday (12.06) when the Polish Vodka Museum opens its doors to its first visitors who will learn about the rich, centuries-long history and the tradition of making Polish Vodka. This Poland and the world's only Museum devoted entirely to our national alcoholic drink is housed...

The outlet industry in Russia – space for continuous growth

Co-forming the outlet market in Russia a few years ago was a pioneer move made by FASHION HOUSE Group. When the company started operations in the Moscow region, we were absolutely sure that we would achieve success. The long-term results of our scheme speak for themselves. In the three-year...

Strong results for FASHION HOUSE Outlet Centre Bucharest in 2017: +10% in retail sales, more than 7 visitors out of 10 buy

FASHION HOUSE Outlet Centre Bucharest registered in 2017 another year with strong performances, materialized in the best business results of the past seven years. Retail sales increased in 2017 by 10% compared to the previous year, a growth rhythm more than triple compared to the one registered in...


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Praga Koneser: the culinary phenomenon of the capital