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The outlet industry in Russia – space for continuous growth

Co-forming the outlet market in Russia a few years ago was a pioneer move made by FASHION HOUSE Group. When the company started operations in the Moscow region, we were absolutely sure that we would achieve success. The long-term results of our scheme speak for themselves. In the three-year...

Strong results for FASHION HOUSE Outlet Centre Bucharest in 2017: +10% in retail sales, more than 7 visitors out of 10 buy

FASHION HOUSE Outlet Centre Bucharest registered in 2017 another year with strong performances, materialized in the best business results of the past seven years. Retail sales increased in 2017 by 10% compared to the previous year, a growth rhythm more than triple compared to the one registered in...

Jumbo joins West Park Retail

Greek toys retailer Jumbo chose West Park Retail to open its first store in the western part of Bucharest. The store, located in a recently built unit of West Park Retail, adds new retail functions to the scheme. West Park Retail is a multi-functional shopping and lifestyle destination opened in...

LINK and Waberer’s Poland Choose Koneser

Centrum Praskie Koneser acquires the next office tenants from the Transport-Forwarding-Logistics (TFL) industry. Office space in Koneser is leased in 92%.  LINK Sp. z o.o. and Waberer’s Poland, the companies from the TFL industry and belonging to the Waberer’s International Group, have...

1,285 Square Meters Leased in FASHION HOUSE Outlet Centre Bucharest

FASHION HOUSE Outlet Centre Bucharest, the first professional outlet centre in Romania, is off to a great start in 2018. Four new partners have joined list of the scheme’s tenants, taking a total of 1,285 sqm of retail space. The latest addition to the already strong lineup are: Koton, TinaR,...


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