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1,081 sqm. office space at Batory Office Building II leased

Tech Data Poland extends the lease agreement until 2022 and enlarges its office in the Liebrecht & wooD Group office building by an additional 1 081 sqm. At present, Tech Data Poland has a total of 2,752 sqm. of office space in the building Tech Data Poland has decided to extend the lease...

Plac Konesera will come to being. A new place in Warsaw approved by Warsaw City Council

On July 6th, 2017, Warsaw City Council considered and unanimously approved the petition to give the name Plac Konesera [Eng. Koneser Square] to an area located within the Koneser Centrum Praskie – a multifunctional investment located in Praga Północ district combining residential, retail, office,...

FASHION HOUSE Outlet Centre Moscow ranked among the 2017 "100 Best Office and Shopping Centers in Russia"

FASHION HOUSE Outlet Centre Moscow has been selected as one of the 2017 "100 Best Office and Shopping Centers of Russia". The winner’s list was prepared jointly by the Independent Expert Council of the Russian Real Estate Market Leaders and the leading federal commercial real estate portal...

IFS expands its office space in Flanders Business Park

IFS CEE signs a lease agreement for additional 260 sqm of office space in Flanders Business Park – the Liebrecht & wooD Group’s investment located in the vicinity of Łopuszańska Street and Krakowska Avenue in Warsaw. The IFS companies have been present in we Flanders Business Park since 2001...

Kantar TNS comes to Koneser
Centrum Praskie Koneser, Kantar, Koneser

Kantar Millward Brown and Kantar TNS are leasing 4,900 sqm of office space in Centrum Praskie Koneser, developed jointly by Liebrecht & wooD Group and BBI Development S.A. in the Ząbkowska, Markowska, Białostocka and Nieporęcka Street quarter in Warsaw’s Praga District. Kantar Millward Brown...


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