Frumusani Residential Park

A mere 30 minute-drive from the sizzling center of Bucharest, there is a place where nature and tranquility go hand in hand. The place is known as Frumusani, a serene area surrounded by lakes and forests in the South-East of Bucharest, widely recognized as the new hot-spot on the local residential market. Once you escape the tumultuous concrete jungle and take the first exit from the A2 highway, a new world unravels: here, the sight catches the delicate movement of grass and the ear reconnects to the free sound of birds. The air is crisp and the sky lavishly embraces the green fields ahead.

In this scenery of great natural beauty, Liebrecht & wooD found the perfect grounds to deploy its different vision on real estate: a new satellite community of Bucharest, for people in search of a better way of living.

Frumusani Residential Park is a large-scale, Western standard project located in the eastern outskirts of Bucharest, including 4,300 residential units which for approximately 14,000 people, with full infrastructure and leisure facilities onsite. It offers a prime landscape surrounded by a lake, a vineyard and forests, but at the same time in a close distance to the heart of the city. 

Location: Frumusani Residential Park is located 25.5 km from Bucharest city center, just 30 minutes driving time from Piata Unirii, the main commercial area in the city. The project will benefit of direct access from and to the A2 highway, as the new Cernica exit road – developed by Liebrecht & wooD Group – has been already put into use in 2015, ensuring a faster and smoother connection with the Bucharest city centre.

Delivery date: TBA

Total apartments to let: 4,300 residential units (all planned phases)

Parking lot: 1,050 seats


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